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Decisions on a turn-key basis (the warehouse complete set, installation, the bases, floors, internal engineering systems)

Hardware, hangars, rapid building design, design and steel erection, light gauge construction, hangar building, hardware building and building assemblage.

Our company takes the leading position in building design. We concern in ourselves with the whole complex of building activities from the initial stage of pre-project engineering to volume design and document publishing.

If you are interested in hangars, metal constructions and rapid building design, we are ready to render you service with great pleasure. With its help you will realize your ideas. If you trust us your building design, you may be sure that all works will be done in time and with great quality.

Our project department has highly skilled specialists, architects, engineers and designers who really have rich experience in project design and embodiment of different degree complexity and target orientation .

Building design and construction

Building design is the first step of building itself. The phase of project engineering consists of several stages. The first stage is a composition of draft (pre- project engineering) , where outward image and the set of functions of estimated building object is defined. A draft permits to value and to form the exact requirements to the further engineering.

The next stage of project engineering is an immediate maintenance of the project itself. This is the main phase of the project development of reconstruction or building.

You can change anything you want during the process of building, but it will increase the time of the erection of project documentation. Also during this stage all the technical aspects and questions are studied by us.

The last phase is an authors supervision. Authors supervision is the complex of activities and arrangements that are carried out by the representative of the project company. These activities help to ensure the compliance in architectural, stylistic, engineering, technological and other decisions that are approved by the client in all project documentation during the process of engineering and building.

Hangar building

Hangar is any building of the arched type which is intended for parking or service of machinery or for storing different production. Hangar building as any kind of building of hardware begins with project engineering. Our company is ready for any service of hangar building which is necessary for you.

Building up the hardware

Hardware is usually used in the erection of different buildings. Using the hardware in building permits to provide rapid building up of hardware. Because of that buildings are put into the operation faster.

Light- gauge constriction

Light-gauge constructions are used on the basis of rapid building. Light-gauge constructions are made with the help of modern technologies and with great quality.